Our water fountains designed for you


Thanks to our extensive expertise and experience gained since 1990, we are proud to present some drinking water fountains that are practically tailor-made for you, the early childhood sector.

Knowing all the importance that water has in the development of young children, Source Omega is very proud to have a wide range of drinking water fountains that will undoubtedly contain the one that will meet all your needs.


The friend of the little ones

Our most popular device with daycares and early childhood centers and with good reason!

It is affordable and easy to install. It can be installed at the desired height, both outside and inside, thanks to its construction in thick stainless steel.

We also offer optional refrigeration and filtration system.

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Perfect for everyone

Water for everyone! kids as well as adults!

On beautiful sunny days, both toddlers and educators can take a good sip of filtered water.

This stainless steel drinking water fountain offers two cupolas at different heights. It is possible to install it outdoors, but also indoors with the option of adding the refrigeration system.



This water fountain offers so many possibilities!

It is possible to install it indoors or outdoors and it can be installed at the desired height.

It is possible to install two side by side, to add a tap or to add a bottle filler. The SO-295 waterer is available in three colors, stainless steel, charcoal and coffee-cream.
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