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You can contact Source Omega at any time for your devices

We pride ourselves on responding to service calls within 48 hours.

Source Oméga employees follow your safety rules: they wear helmets, glasses and safety boots, if required. Additionally, our technicians wear latex gloves and a hair and beard net during cleanings. After all, these are food appliances! You will easily recognize them thanks to their uniform displaying the company logo on the back.


Upon receipt of your purchase order, we are generally able to prepare a unit and schedule its installation within one week. Installation is included with the purchase of all water coolers. Three hours of installation are generally required with the purchase of a water fountain and are billed separately.


Source Omega repairs almost all devices from the brands mentioned below. In addition, we can replace the copper tank of your waterers with a stainless steel tank, to prevent the water from having a metallic taste.

We can repair all appliances from the following brands: Antartika, Cordley, Elkay, Halsey Taylor, Haws, Ebco, Oasis and Sunroc, whether for replacement faucets, covers, pressure regulators, thermostats, receptacles, etc.

Periodic maintenance contract

We Generally recommend that servicing coolers (with or without a bottle) be carried out at least every 4 months, but some customers ask us to clean their units monthly. Regarding drinkers, we recommend annual cleaning.

Source Omega maintains details on all of its customers’ equipment, such as the make, model, serial number of each device as well as their location in your office or factory. So, if you had a problem with one of your devices, we could immediately order the right part to repair it, or provide you with a similar replacement device, while the repair takes place in the workshop.

In addition, our database allows us to continuously monitor the dates of visits planned for the maintenance of your devices. You can also notify us if you would like us to confirm our visit date before arriving at your premises.

For us, maintaining an appliance means more than just the exterior appearance. The tank is cleaned and drained. We are proud to use the “Sterile” brand product that sanitizes water bowls and water coolers. This product has been evaluated by Health Canada and performs descaling and disinfection work. If this product is accidentally ingested, there is no risk of illness or poisoning. In addition, we use 3 other products to clean and shine your devices. It is not uncommon for us to use a vacuum cleaner to dust the inside of appliances. We check filters, parts and components such as faucets, the condition of the pipes, etc. Finally, we check the water temperature.

Replacement of filters and cartridges

Not all filters or cartridges are necessarily replaced at each of our visits. They will only be replaced as needed, and the frequency of these changes will depend on two main factors: the quality of the water at the inlet as well as the traffic to the devices. Typically, they are all changed at least once a year.

Modification of chillers

Modified water coolers look the same as bottle coolers (minus the bottle) and provide cold water just like bottle coolers. The difference is that they are connected to the building’s piping system and are equipped with a float and a filtration system. The filtration we install includes the following filters/cartridges.

  • A filter or sediment cartridge – to retain particles suspended in water from 1 micron
  • A filter or softener cartridge – to remove hardness from water which causes limescale deposits causing bacteria to form
  • A carbon filter or cartridge – to remove the taste and odor of chlorine
  • Other filters can be installed depending on the quality of your water

We use copper pipe to connect the device to the pipes in your building. Subsequently, from the stainless steel pipe, to the device and the filters connected to it.

Ideally your devices should be installed near a water source, e.g. ex. a coffee break station, a bathroom or a cafeteria.

Sale, rental and leasing

We sell all the products you find on this site.

Our rental contracts are offered to businesses, industries and government organizations only. They can rent a modified chiller or modify one or more chillers they own. We then speak of “turnkey” type contracts.

If you ever ever hesitate to modify your coolers, Source Oméga can provide you with a modified cooler for a one-week trial, at no cost or obligation on your part.