Anytime, you can contact Source Omega in regards to your water fountains and chillers. We are proud to answer your drinking fountain service calls within 48 hours.
Source Omega’s technicians adhere to your safety and security standards: they wear a helmet, glasses and safety boots if required. In addition, we ask them to wear latex gloves and hair nets during the cleaning process. After all, you drink from these machines! Our technicians are easily recognizable by their Source Omega’s uniforms with the logo in the back.


Upon receipt of your purchase order, we are usually able to prepare a unit and schedule its installation within a week. Installation is included in the purchase of all water coolers. Three hours of installation are usually required with the purchase of a water fountain, and are separately invoiced.

Repairs in our permises

Source Omega repairs almost every model mentioned here below, depending of the unit age and the availability of replacement parts.  We can also replace the copper tank with a stainless steel one, eliminating the metallic taste in your drinking water.
We repair the following brands: Antartika, Cordley, Elkay, Halsey Taylor, Haws, Ebco, Oasis and Sunroc.  The most often replaced parts are faucets, covers, pressure regulators, thermostats and compressors.

Maintenance contract

We generally recommend the cleaning of the water dispensers (with or without bottle) every four months, but some customers request a monthly cleaning of their units.  In regards to the water fountains, we suggest a cleaning at least once a year.
All information about our clients’ equipment (brand, model, serial number, location) is stored in our extensive database. Thanks to these records, we are able to serve you better by ordering the right part or offering a replacement device during the fixing in our permises.
This database also contains information about every maintenance visit which allows us to schedule future appointments.  Simply let us know if you would like us to confirm a visit in advance.
For us, maintenance of your unit means much more than the exterior appearance.  The stainless steel tank is emptied and cleaned. We use a product called “Sterile” to disinfect water fountains and water dispensers.  This inoffensive product has been evaluated by Health Canada, and performs a work of descaling and disinfection. Moreover, all  your machine components are subject to an extensive inspection including filters, parts, faucets and water connections.  Finally, we remove all dust from the interior of each unit and we check the water temperature.

Replacement filters and cartridges

Filters or cartridges are not necessarily replaced upon each visit. Replacements are made only if necessary and depend on two principal factors: water quality and units exploitation. We generally recommend changing the three filters annually.


All of our website products are in stock.
Our rental contracts are offered to small and medium companies, industries, multinational and governmental organizations. This turnkey solution involves the lease of a modified dispenser, or the modification of several dispensers already placed.
While you hesitate on whether a modified dispenser is the best choice for you and your business, Source Omega offers you a modified dispenser for a free one-week trial, without any obligation of purchase.

Modification of water dispensers

Modified water dispensers look like bottled water dispensers and provide chilled water, but without the environmental impact of a plastic bottle. They are connected to a water supply and contain a float and a triple filtration system. The system installed by Source Omega includes the following filters :

  • A sediment filter which retains particles in suspension as small as 1 micron
  • A softener filter which removes the calcium from water that causes limescale deposits, ideal environment for bacterial formation
  • A carbon filter to remove the taste and smell of chlorine
  • Additional filters may be installed depending of your water quality

We use durable copper tubing to connect the unit to the existing plumbing. Ideally, the water fountains or dispensers should be installed near a watering place (for example : a coffee corner, a bathroom or a cafeteria).