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Corrosion-resistant base material provides the ultimate protection from the elements.

Heavy-gauge construction with tamper-resistant screws that resist stains and corrosion.

Vandal-resistant bubblers feature chrome-plated integral hood guard to prevent contamination from other users, airborne deposits.

Pet fountain features slow drainage for easy drinking.

Freeze-resistant options available.

Available in 12 stunning finishes.

Ideal for outdoor use.


  • 316 Stainless
  • Heavy Duty Vandal Resistant
  • Pet Fountain
  • Bubbler Style : Vandal Resistant
  • Mounting Option : Floor Mount/Freestanding
  • Chilling Option : Non-refrigerated

Technical information

Tank capacity n/a
Cooling capacity n/a
Temperature n/a
Compressor n/a
Refrigerant gas n/a
Dimensions (cm) Device 35.5 (width) X 101.6 (height) X 78.7 (depth)
Dimensions (cm) Box 165.1 (width) X 83.8 (height) X 60.9 (depth)
Weight (kg) 77.11
Weight (without refrigeration and filtration) n/a

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